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about us

Wholesale distribution leading car care suppliers in Greater Manchester & Cheshire

If this is your first visit to our web pages, thanks for visiting. It’s nice to have you in here with us. I guess you’re wondering who we are and what we do. Well, that’s exactly what we want to tell you here.

Millennium was formed in 2006, and came from very humble beginnings. With no more financial reserves than it takes to buy a second hand telly, and an ageing Renault Kangoo, we set off to conquer the world of forecourt sales. Well, as much as anyone could with a van full of batteries, air fresheners and forecourt bits ‘n’ bobs. Quickly it became evident that we were gonna need a bigger van. So we bought one, then another, and another…

Today, Millennium is probably the fastest growing company in the field of on-demand auto care product supply. Wholesaling via our team of road based merchandisers, we supply a considerable number of forecourt operators with leading brands ie ArmorAll, Ring, Castrol, Carplan, Holts, Osram, Silverhook, Magic Tree, Medo, Autoglym and many others at competitive prices. There’s no need to wait for a delivery to arrive, our merchandiser is the delivery driver too. Yes, they really do bring the stuff along. So if you expect a rush on widgets for thingummybobs, then our point of sale merchandiser can react instantly, loading your display from his own stock immediately, if not sooner! And he’s a regular visitor. All our clients have agreed point of sale merchandise restocking times. Don’t worry, we make it easier for you too. We’re happy to fully merchandise the product display, leaving you and your team to get on with the most important part of the job, helping your customers with their purchases.

Our merchandising vehicles carry a vast product range (it amazes us too!), but if you suddenly need green thingummybob polish, and would you believe it, the only colour we haven’t loaded that day is green, well it’s no problem. Our strategically positioned distribution centre is bursting with loads of exciting products, more than you can shake a stick at! So a quick call, e-mail or fax to our bank of product placement experts will get your product onto the next vehicle leaving the depot. We’re also keen to hear your suggestions about products you’d like to see us supply.

It’s worth noting that we also have a bit of a thing about the environment too. We all know it’s hard to be everything neutral, and that we could all do a bit more, so we keep on trying to do our bit in the hope that it rubs off on our clients. Part of our environmental aims involve working to ISO 4001 standards, using the regular reporting structure the procedure provides. We do as much to keep our vehicles running as efficiently as possible (little stuff like keeping the tyres pumped up helps). Oh, and we’re keen on saving power in the workplace too, so we switch our computers off at the plug every night, it all adds up.

So thanks for looking, if you’ve any comments, questions or would just like to know some more about Millennium, feel free to contact us. If you’re looking for a supplier who actually cares about customer service, quality products, and providing great value for money, you’re in the right place. We’re looking forward to talking to you.

All the very best,
Howard, Nicola, Sean and Steve

Contact Information

Telephone: 0161 929 0568
Mobile: 07788725724

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